Monologue Monday

Monologue Monday: Elinor and Letty in “St. Valentine’s Day” by Annie Eliot

Hello one and all, loyal readers and newcomers!!!

As you know, it is nearly Valentine’s Day and for us here at Unknown Playwrights, that means a Valentine’s Day monologue!

This week’s monologues comes from Annie Eliot. It also comes from 1892.

The monologues come from a one-act play.

The basic joke behind the play is that Elinor (a “past her due date” old maid) and Letty (her sprightly niece) both think a Valentine’s Day card is for them. It’s fine light-hearted comedy.

In fact, you may read the entire play here.

We will discuss and analyze this play later in the week in a special Valentine’s Day post.

But for now let’s see what we have in the way of monologues. Here is the aunt, Elinor:



AND…apparently spinster maids on Valentine’s Day aren’t very popuar because we have way more Letty monologues than Elinor. Sorry, Elinor….







And that’s it for this week’s monologues – come back on Thursday when we’ll study this play more in depth AND come back Monday for more monologues!!!

For a complete list of monologues, click here.

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