Monologue Monday

Monologue Monday: Coffee Slave by Gabriel Davis & A Girl’s Guide to Coffee by Eric Coble

This week we continue with our coffee thing. First up, we have Coffee Slave – a monologue ostensibly about coffee and barista-ing but it has a deeper philosophy and serves as an idictment against retail/service industry culture in these United States. It’s a strong role for a female.

The play has echoes of Merchant of Venice….maybe we can call it Barista of Venice.

We’ve reviewed two other Gabriel Davis plays before (here and here). The monologue for Coffee Slave can be found right here.

After these clips, we’ll profile yet another coffee-themed monologue – A Girl’s Guide to Coffee – so please keep scrollin.’

Who was the most determined barista?




Our next monologue comes from something called The Girl’s Guide to Coffee by Eric Coble. It’s gotten great reviews.

Here is the synopsis (from the author):

All of life’s mysteries will be revealed in the Steamed Bean Coffee House, at the hands of barista extraordinaire Alex. She is the master of her mellowing parents, tensing roommates, imploding bosses, and desperate regulars. But what no one but Alex seems to get is that our jobs, our world itself – nothing is constant. And if it’s all moving at the speed of espresso steam, what is there to commit to? The trick is to just touch perfection… and move on.
Except… there is this boy… silver artist Christopher… who may, just may, be worth a “yes” instead of a “maybe”… but what would that do to the delicate ecosystem of the coffee shop?
Not to mention Alex’s quest for the holy grail of dark roast… The Perfect Latte…

The monologue has one of the best images I’ve heard in recent dialogue: A portrait drawn in coffee of Che Guevara that winks at you.

Yeah, I Googled it and I’m glad I did.

Another interesting female role.

You can find the monologue right here. The author’s New Play Exchange page is here. I suspect more and more actors will be using this soon.


Thanks for checking out our coffee-soaked monologues. See you later this week for an Unknown Playwright and next week for more monologues!!

For a complete list of monologues, click here.


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