Monologue Monday

Monologue Monday: Single Crutch by Tera Meddaugh

Welcome back to Monologue Monday!!!

This week takes us to another Tera Meddaugh monologue. We’ve profiled her monologues before: (Ferret Envy – The Beanstalk No Release – March in Line)

This monologue is about a guy named Ben, whose crutch has been stolen. He’s asking to borrow his friend’s crutch. He also blames his friend for injuring him for encouraging him to jump off a trunk to impress some girl. That’s quite a relationship Ben and his friend have.

US Civil War-era crutch for sale.

Ben needs the crutch to try out for marching band. This isn’t the first marching band-related monologue from Meddaugh we’ve covered. Please check out March in Line about a young lady leading a marching band of stuffed animals…to their doom.

Here is a link to Single Crutch by Tera Meddaugh.

And here are the various monologues!!!









That ends it for this week’s monologue. Join us next week for another thrilling monologue! Bye now!

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