Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Today’s list of wondrous theatre links is brought to you by old Grand Guignol posters.

Once Upon a Time in 1920.
From 1929.
It’s 1928, let’s relive WWI!

What happens when you say this about theatre bloggers: “This is a massive generalisation, but a lot of people are not ‘proper writers’. They do not have the intellectual background or historical background or time to know what they are writing about.

A pretty good argument that theatre needs to de-elitize itself.

Trying to start a theatre company in Tokyo is harder than it seems.

How to survive a bad review

Set Design for Sweeney Todd: A How-to Guide.

What is a minor dramatist? (raises hand)

Did Kit Marlowe fake his death? (umm…no, but there’s still a blog post on it)

An ode to stage managers.

How not to piss off the prop team.

Translating Israel’s most important playwright.

A Barbadian play.

When your play is too short.

When water soaks through your notebook

Grants awarded to musical theatre programs hit by natural disasters

When a Facebook post spirals into hate speech and forces a good playwright to resign

University of Texas at Austin has a theatre blog.

How to flesh out a stock character as an actor

What inspires playwright Araceli Ferrara?

The production blog of an English-speaking theatre in Helsinki.

A sci-fi play is a hit??? OMG.

A history of Hemlet in Korean translation.

One’s first French play.

Does Britain have a problem with European theatre? [Of course they do!]

Glaswegian theatre.

Seems Australian community theatres also love Neil Simon.

Time to meet playwrights Beaumont, Fletcher and Ford.

A play about six-on-six basketball.

A Finnish dude whose one-man show is all about historical executions

Pretty much the most meta play I’ve heard about all week.

Even theatre directors get executed.

Since we’re coming up on Halloween soon, here’s a ghastly oldie:

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