Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Welcome to this week’s theatrical link dump – brought to you by contemporary Dracula posters:

From here.
Casper, Wyoming
Paris, Texas, last year
Somehwere in the UK


When you direct/adapt Much Ado About Nothing for kids.

A day in the life of The Old Rep’s general manager.

You know you’re a playwright if…

When playwright anxiety hits.

When post-graduation depression hits.

Top 10 holiday plays for teachers

Which Halloween play are you?

A really goofy Halloween play from 1915 (yes, it’s cheating)

Shakespeare in South African schools.

“Postmigrant” theatre and a German director promoting ties between German and Scottish theatre.

A history of Palestinian theatre

Theatre in Pittsburgh

A primer on African American playwrights

The passing of Jaz Dorsey.

Creating immersive theatre in Seoul from a foreign perspective

This is what an acting resume looks like, kids.

Discovering young Israeli theatre

The theatre that became a bookshop

Theatre for development

18th Century Italian theatre overview

A chronic playwright interviewer gets interviewed

Audrey Cefaly creating a new playwriting vocabulary

When you were a theatre’s artistic director, but don’t put it on your resume…

Reviewer gets really, really excited over Joseph and his dreamcoat…

The mother of modern German comedy (That is the joke)

Ibsen’s women: Adapting Henrik in the 2010s.

Lithuanian actress Uné Baye

Cheap London theatre tickets

Help Ms. Manuel’s high school class go to Scotland next year 

Tips for dealing with scheduling conflicts as a young actor

Dealing with theatre divas.

And now this week’s Halloween-themed oldie:



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