Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Welcome back to Unknown Playwrights. This week’s link dump is brought to you by posters and programs from Caridad Svich plays, because playwright-translators don’t get the respect they deserve.

From a staged reading in ’92.
Twelve Ophelias, NYC. ’04
Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 4.17.06 PM
Pretty badass art for an Albertan production of Svich’s translation, 2014.
2001 production in Ohio.
An adaptation of Alvarez’ novel in 2013.
Pretty wild art for a play with a killer title, 2012.



Caridad Svich on her play Guapa

Resistance and Change in Caridad Svich’s Town Hall

Traveling Master Caridad Svich in Virginia

Caridad Svich on translating Henry VIII into contemporary English

Caridad Svich ruminates on night

Making Theatre is a Spiritual Endeavor for Caridad Svich

BP sucks, Caridad Svich-style

Medea’s Sons by Caridad Svich

Another take on the above

Caridad Svich goes to the airport

Caridad Svich takes on gun violence

A choreographer’s take on Svich’s play with the coolest title

A conversation with Caridad Svich

Podcast interview with Caridad Svich, featuring some wild synths at the beginning

Svich talks adapting Allende and Sajtinac

An actress really, really liked Svich’s take on Henry VIII

Svich’s adaptation of Allende gets performances in English and Spanish…in England

Svich’s stage as utopia

Interview with a Philly outlet

Caridad Svich interviews again

Resiliency in Theatre

Another interview

Archipelago: the Interview

And to end this week’s link dump, here is a song she served as librettist for:

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