Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Hello everyone and welcome back to Unknown Playwrights. This week we have another link dump brought to you by posters of Adam Szymkowicz’ play Clown Bar .

Seoul, 2018.
Indiana, PA 2015.
Birmingham, AL 2019
Pasadena, CA 2015
NYC 2013



New Orleans
Las Vegas 2018

This week’s blog will feature reviews of plays from around the world that look kinda interesting, but first some important news:

Brave theatre teacher (and DG member) refuses settlement from mega-racist NYC school and here and here, too

And now the offbeat plays:

Shit Theatre Drink Rum with Expats

Dana H looks pretty disturbing

Batmania exposes Australia for the train wreck that it is

Genit-Hell Yeah! is a real show

Bloodstained Marigolds on a Perverse Landscape sounds fun

Noir Hamlet is a thing

Alice in Glitterland sounds fun

The Dope Elf

Trump vs. Kahlo

Crystal Meth and Bear with Knife Shakespeare (hehehe)

Hamlet in China with 6 inch heels

Klingon Hamlet is a thing

“Theatre Bizarre is a magical, decadent celebration of rich darkness.”

Nanta, the ubiquitous Korean musical

Brechtian Korean adoptee theatre in Berlin (Warum nicht?)

Beatrix Potter Must Die! (in Korea)

Arguing with Toasters is a real play

I certainly hope this play lives up to its name

Pulp Fiction with puppets

Love in Pieces

Sleep No More

30 Plays in 60 minutes

White Rabbit Red Rabbit

Ancient Greek tragedy in 21st Century Japan

Silent Shakespeare

Synchronised Swimming – the dry version

Accordian fight show!

Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall is for real

This play/character is just racist trash. Can we get rid of it already?

And to wrap things up, we’ve got Donna Summer singing Age of Aquarius in German from the German version of Hair.




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