Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Hello everyone! This week’s link dump features reviews of various stage incarnations of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. It is brought to you by posters of the same.

A Christmas Carol Show Poster 2019 for p
Scary AF in Texas
Dallas is still creepy…
Still in Texas
When AutozoZone sponsors your Xmas play
At Milagro…
Kingston, Ontario

On Broadway

Magic at the Old Vic

New Brunswick

A first-timer reviews an Austin production

With a twist

Meanwhile in DC

An immersive carol

The immersive dinner theatre version

Green Bay

In the LBC

Set in the 1940s

Haunting and immersive in Masssachusetts

In Sacramento

The hip-hop version

Gilbert & Sullivan Christmas Carol in Hawaii

A Christmas Carol – CANCELLED

Orson Welles’ Christmas Carol

A Cape Town Carol

Dickens’ great-great-great grand-daughter talks Xmas Carol

Surviving seven different LA productions of the show

A super mega-racist Christmas Carol in Utah

A one man Carol

Meanwhile in San Diego

In Dorset…

This New Mexico production closed 2 weeks before Xmas. Scrooges…

An Adobe Christmas Carol

A limp Christmas Carol

Satire in SD

In Maryland

A Xmas Cuento Remix gets a mixed review

Same play, different town

And that wraps up our roundup of reviews of A Christmas Carol. And for this week’s edition of nihilistic Christmas covers, here’s The Manhatten Love Suicides with Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer: