Monologue Monday

Monologue Monday: The Jailer’s Daughter from Two Noble Kinsmen (Shakespeare/Fletcher).

Howdy. We’re back with more Monologue Monday Madness. This time the monologue comes from a little-known John Fletcher/ William Shakespeare combo effort, The Two Noble Kinsmen.

Relatively obscure, yet still made it to the Simpsons.

Here’s a nifty one minute video that explains everything. Pay attention to the final 10 seconds. That’s our important part.


So yeah, Johnny and Billy ripped off Geoff Chaucer’s Knight’s Tale.

I also wrote a review of a production once.

Sharah Meservy at full-bonkers as The Jailer’s Daughter in a Utah production.

Anyhow, the Jailer’s Daughter (aka another female character without a name) falls deeply in love with one of the stud-knights, Palamon. Eventually this one-sided love will drive her insane. It produced a fairly common monologue on Youtube.

Not to diss the essence of the monologue, but are female monologues so lacking that actresses must choose to play a crazy gal from 1613?

Again, these actors are tougher and braver than I am.

Here, the character debates who she should do about Palamon.









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