Monologue Monday

Monologue Monday: Lacey’s Last Chance by Gabriel Davis

Serial killling? Check. Serial dating? Check. Strong female monologue? Check. Serial killing + serial dating + strong female monologue = destined to be on this blog. (smiley face)

This week brings us a lovely play by Gabriel Davis, Lacey’s Last Chance.

I bet Aphra Behn wasn’t hung up on cover art. Just a random thought. Via here.

Davis’ canon seems to contain some interesting titles: Unbearable Hotness, Quiche isn’t Sexy (says who???) and Yoga Fart.

The monologue we’re using today is generally called “Serial dater” or “Serial dating” and originates from Lacey’s Last Chance.

Here’s the Amazon synopsis:

Lacey yearns for lasting love but has the unfortunate habit of – when the going gets tough – killing her partners. Hoping to attain a more peaceful life, Lacey takes up origami and begins dating Trent who, despite learning of her crimes, adores her and believes she can change. But will his faith in her be enough to keep their love – and him – alive?

Because romantic comedies about serial killing are severely under-represented in the blogosphere, here’s Serial Dater, not Killer. This is really fun.

So happy actors are taking a chance on works like these. Who stands out as particularly serial killer-y AND serial dater-y?











And those are some killer monologues! See you on Thursday with the Thanksgiving edition of Unknown Playwrights!

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