Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Wednesday Link Dump. I’ve been battling an extended version of the flu, but will still put out a link dump for ya.

This week’s link dump is brought to you by Korean posters of Molière’s The Imaginary Invalid. If you want to see Polish posters of the same play, just click here.

Yeongsan University, 2019.
Nice Godfather motif there.
So sketchy.
2015 comes with a map.
Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 6.49.10 AM
Looks like the Comédie Française visited Korea in 2011.

A playwright reminisces about a roadshow 10 years ago

A British play about bigamy!

All the Natalie Portmans is an actual play.

To Kill A Mockingbird is further ensconed as America’s secular Bible

John Cleese wrote a play

Black History Month – LIVE!

Dance Theatre Uganda!

Five women artists, five disciplines, one Istanbul.

Six of the funniest costume change mishaps

The Underwritten Sex Workers of Musical Theatre <<<must read

Historical playbills

That time King Lear had a happy ending

Playwright Mark Wilding interviewed

Old interview with Trav S.D

Britain’s first permanent puppet theatre has a blog.

Youth Theatre in Kuala Lumpur

What month is it? Theatre in Our Schools Month

Hedda Gabler can tweet now.

Henrik Ibsen, father of modern drama

Notes from the rehearsal room

The importance of Ludvig Holberg

Holberg, the Danish Molière (I learned that until 1722 plays were only staged in French and German in Denmark)

World Ballet Day exists

When a famous Finnish theatre director is accused of human trafficking!

Three Eritrean Plays

Choreographer Lorin Latarro

5 funny plays for high schoolers

One of Thailand’s most daring theatre troupes

Intimacy Choreography has its own link dump!

The enfent terrible of Romanian theatre

Get Carter became a play

That’s it for this week’s link dump. Now for all of you who ever wondered what the Get Carter theme would sound like with surf guitars, your day has come.


Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Howdy everyone and welcome back to the jolly old link dump! This week’s post is brought to you by Polish posters for Molière’s The Imaginary Invalid.

2002 dong-centric poster
2013 Gdańsk. Less dong, more bone.
Digging that steampunk influence. 2018.
From 2017. This reminds me of a country song.
Orange is the New Molière in 2018

CHORY z urojenia

For some reason,I love this one. 2018.
AKA apothecary-head…2017


What play would you choose to have revived?

Is this comedy or horror? It has clowns.

A play about Canadian badass Viola Desmond in all her badassedness. And check out those white masks! So scary!

Did you ever wonder what a 26 hour improv marathon would be like? Does the troupe name The Kinkonauts excite you? All life’s answers are here.

When the review starts “There’s about half of a very good play here,” one cannot look away.

West Side Story? Nah, Worst Side Story. Bwahahah.

This dude loved West Side Story (when the understudies took over).

Someone turned Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice into a musical? WTF? Why????

This Sherlock Holmes play is tearing up the Midwest like so many tornadoes.

Outsider writes plays about outsiders.

The world needs more playwrights writing about Pharoah Hatshepsut, please.

Should performers brag about donning yellowface? (Umm, no.)

Audition survival guide

Career advice for female stagehands

Revenge Song looks really, really fun.

A play about revlutionary South African poet Chris Van Wyk

Three Houston theatres got together and made a baby.

A play full of dead moose heads is the worst ever on Broadway? No way!

Grassboots Theatre company sounds appropriately goofy

A(n all-female) Doll’s House

When to say yes and no to an acting job

Avoiding the dreaded accent failure

You can see the chair Molière sat in onstage before he died.

Molière: plots, jealousy, dénouement

When someone who pretends to be a 9/11 survivor has a monologue written about her

Racine, the other famous French playwright

Corneille, the French playwright not quite as famous.

Gabonese puppets

Haunted burlesque house? YASSS!!!

Namibian playwright Frederick Philander writes about corruption. Woohoo!

Alas, poor Yorick, for his skull got put on a skateboard at BYU

And now, a fun little ditty from 1991 – Paris France – when are we going to have The Imaginary Invalid Meets the Lords of Acid?