Monologue Monday

Monologue Monday: Rather Be a Man by Joseph Arnone

Time to shake things up a bit. Joseph Arnone is a playwright with a site that seems exclusively dedicated to plays and monologues written by Mr. Arnone as well as some public domain work.

It’s obvious he’s put a lot of work into his craft. One of the monologues is taken from a one act play entitled Rather Be a Man. 

The play comes with this image, via the author’s site.

According to the official synopsis…

“A comedic one act play involving KIM and PAM, two friends who are sick of guys trying to pick them up.”

The monologue itself also has a synopsis:

“Kim is so fed up with men approaching her with their one liners. In this comedy monologue, she talks to one of her good friends about the annoying men she randomly tolerates.”

The just-over-a-minute-long monologue makes good points about how our culture treats women and the sometimes limited choices available to women.

This monologue seems popular on the high school audition circuit and there were a good selection of videos on Youtube. And there’s a bonus monologue!!!

Thanks again to all the actors for being so brave!!

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One of the above monologues was from an Aruban actor. Can you find her?

And for the special monologue…here is the same monologue, but in German! This version is edgier, even if you don’t speak German (hint: it’s at the 2:13 mark).



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