Monologue Monday

Monologue Monday: Madge and Millie from Picnic (Inge)

Another Monday and more monologues. This time they’re from a favorite play of mine: Picnic.

Korean college production from 2014.

The plot concerns Madge, a well-liked young woman stuck in the confines of small-town Kansas in small-minded 1950s America. She’s judged pretty much for her looks and nobody seems to appreciate her intelligence, sometimes including herself.

Meanwhile, her brainy younger sister Millie has problems of her own like growing up in the shadow of her popular sister.

Then along rolls in stud-hobo and eternal screw-up Hal. He’s looking for a former college friend (and a job). Hal is the catalyst that sets everything into motion. Nothing is the same once he arrives.

Trivia: Ralph Meeker played Hal in the original play and William Holden played him in the film.

Janice Rule played Madge in the original play and Kim Novak played her in the film.

Kim Stanley played Millie in the play and Susan Strasberg played her in the movie.

The molten pit of acting Hell known as Youtube has vomited up both Madge and Millie monologues. Monday’s Madge and Millie Monologues.

Here, Madge is telling Hal what a wonderful dancer he is.


Her Youtube channel.



Her Youtube channel.

Who do you think brought it best? Please comment below.

Finally, we have Millie trying to learn about boys from her sister.




Stay tuned for Thursday when our next unknown playwright makes an appearence…

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