Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump


This week’s Wednesday Link Dump brought to you by posters of References to Salvador Dalí Make Me Hot.

In Austin.
In the LBC.
Straight outta Pomona.
From here.
Dang, she got a gun in this one.

Looking for that next high school play?

Making theatre in South Africa.

Remembering a 1974 production of Simon’s The Gingerbread Lady.

A playwright looks back at 2018.

Because who wouldn’t like a play entitled Cheerleaders vs. Aliens?

When a production hurts you (physically, not emotionally).

One brave playwright reminds everyone stage directions are part of the text. Honestly, I think she should just go full Charlie Bronson on them, but that’s just me.


Knowledge gleaned from musicals.

Nashville Children’s Theatre intern tells all.

Why children’s theatre is serious.

Who wouldn’t love a playwright named Buffalo?

Garrick’s Shakespeare Jubilee in London (in 1769)

Tom Hughes will play Kit Marlowe on TV (and not in a play???)

Kent seems like a cool place. They had Marlowe, Aphra Behn and Joseph Conrad.

Nine weird things about Ancient Greek theatre. Did you know tragedy means “goat song”???

Death on Stage: A Philosophical Treatise

A playwright whose wife left him after his kidneys started to fail.

Khon masked drama in Thailand.

A theatre helping refugees.

If you’ve never, ever heard of Aphra Behn, read this post.

Sew So you want to make a theatre costume…

Louis Brody, the Cameroonian-German-French actor who totally didn’t get killed by the Nazis

Fiddler on the Roof, Off-Broadway and in Yiddish!

How to play a stage manager…onstage!

Brecht in the West Bank in 2010.

5 Reasons Lorrainne Hansberry was awesome. (Only 5???)

How to survive as a theatre director. Apparently you need friends.

Theatre in Lesotho.

How much shock is too much? (Is “too much” a real thing?)

From the play review: “Mary spends much time at home in the nude watching television and eating macaroni and cheese on the couch.”

Tom Hiddleston vs. stage combat

Thanks for reading the link dump. Don’t forget we do feature Unknown Playwrights, monologues and (gasp!) Theatre Horror Stories.

And here is an Indonesian oldie from the late, great Diana Nasution:




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