Unknown Playwrights is where unknown playwrights can become known. We profile current and historical playwrights every Thursday. You will see playwrights who were famous 300 years ago but have been neglected. You can also see playwrights who wrote/write in languages besides English and are relatively unknown in the English-speaking world. You’ll meet playwrights who are working nowadays in relative obscurity.

Every Monday we will have Monday Monologues, where you can view and comment on competing monologue videos from Youtube. It should be fun.

Unknown Playwrights is a project put together by playwright and translator Bryan Stubbles. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter or read his plays on NPX.

If you’re into Liberian murder mysteries set during WW2, please buy lots and lots of copies of this play. If you wanna see Frida Kahlo beat up Donald Trump, check out this play.

He has a monologue in London October 28th and two plays in Provo, Utah in November.

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