Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Howdy folks and welcome back to Unknown Playwrights! This week’s link dump is brought to you by by posters for Marlowe’s Edward II.

From 2006.
That’s totally a finger pointing, I’m sure. Warsaw, 1986.
France, 1981.


Nova Scotia is still doing The Jew of Malta? Like really?
Toronto ’69


That time the Knoxville Opera Company did yellowface…in 2019.

Even critics need defenders

Der Ring das Nibelungen and the history of Wagner in Seoul

The Black History Museum….According to the United States of America seems like a pretty badass play.

Legendary Korean playwright Lee Kang-baek gets interviewed by his translator.

Gangster Brecht in Santa Monica

An interview with Arab Israeli playwright Ibrahim Miari

Going through life as a clown

Revitalizing Bangkok’s theatre scene

700 years of Thai history onstage…in 90 minutes!

An older interview with playwright Patrick Gabridge

Playwright Monica Byrne exposes American theatre’s dirty no-so-little secrets

American Theatre Strikes Back

Monica Byrne counterpunches well

What it’s like to turn 40 and actually have your plays produced

A very, very detailed analysis of world premieres in the US this past theatre season

Chelsea Frandsen talks code-switching in her new play

Canadians revisioning the Wild West and women’s choice on stage…

Henry VI, part 1…in Serbo-Croatian…in London

Serbian Theatre Showcase…hot damn!

A prominent Serbian theatre director

Yiddish theatre and its influence on Kafka

Creating original theatre in Kuwait

Finding your artistic tribe (pretty sure mine kicked me out)

BFAs? Overrated.

Tips for directing your first show.

Kit Marlowe was murdered (so Shakespeare wrote his own plays?)

Another overview of Marlowe’s life

The African American Theatre Research Guide

Pioneering women in Mexican theatre

Scumbag murders actress, is acquitted.

And in this week’s edition of Finnish-language oldies, here’s ABBA performing Dancing Queen…in Finnish!



Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Howdy all and welcome back to Unknown Playwrights!

This week’s link dump is brought to you by German-language posters for A Midsummer Night’s Dream: 

In the Imanuel Kant high school


15 euros!
Meanwhile, in Aachen…
1995 was a creepy-ass year for Bremen.
Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 6.51.46 PM
A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Dalí’s Revenge
Welcome to Hamburg
Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 6.56.54 PM.png
Love the donkey, be the donkey…

A First Nations playwright dissects Germany’s fascination with indigenous North Americans (and Winnetou plays).

1989 was the greatest year in musical history (because of Balm in Gilead)

How plot represents the protagonist’s personality. Playwright Chelsea Frandsen explains.

Female theatre in the Arab world

Kankurang (Gambian participatory theatre)

Should schools perform Shakespeare if they’re not learning Shakespeare? Does the mountain need the storm?

Sight lines DO matter

The language of dance

Creating a class or cast contract. Interesting approach.

Interview with Estonian theatre director Barbara Lehtna

Lithuanian-American life in the early 20th Century (included radio theatre)

An overview of Latvian theatre

Namibian filmmaker Oshosheni Hiveluah passed away (she started in theatre)

Theatre Rennaissance man Mack Dugger (with a cameo by Lady Gaga)

American playwright in Finland runs into Day of the Dead women

Getting your play from page to stage in the City of Angels: A Resource Guide

German Fringe Theatre is weird

Queer Muslim theatre in Brooklyn

A playwright asks if ego gets a seat at the table

Italian American immigrant theatre

Promoting theatre betweeen Italy and NYC

Israeli playwright Einat Weizman collaborates with Palestinian prisoners on a play

Wait, LaBute wrote a play about Trump? Talk about dramatic irony.

Greenlandic traditions (including one revived by a theatre group in the 1970s)

The National Theatre of Greenland gets a 4.7 on Facebook.

A West Virginian take on that Little Mermaid LIVE thing.

A Ukrainian Canadian play sold out in 2019

Old news, but Russia and Ukraine were having a hissy fit over Bulgakov once.

The best theatre production companies in Toronto. Would your feelings be hurt if you weren’t on this list? Do theatre companies have feelings?

Playwright buys Victorian house.

This week in Spanish oldies, we have a cover version of Let the Sunshine in (which originated in the musical Hair).

Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Howdy one and all! Welcome back to Unknown Playwrights! This week’s link dump is brought to you by posters for August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson.

Once upon a time…at CSU Fresno.
University of Louisville
Lexington, KY
Eastern Michigan University
Lebanon, TN.

Politics, the Shakespeare way

Interview with a chorus member in the Met Opera’s Porgy & Bess.

Lessons from Kathak (a classical dance form from Northern India)

Should theatres produce Neil LaBute? (Umm, no they shouldn’t)

Blocking is very important, children.

How to establish a playwriting career (it’s possible?)

A poverty of ambitions

Interview with the founder of a Byelorussian theatre

The transformation of the concept of power in a very important wayang work.

Relevance in Contemporary Theatre

A powerful one-word monologue from a performer-playwright based in Botswana

Is activist performance an empty gesture?

A kabuki production from 2015.

Shakespeare’s use of orisons.

A ten year collaboration between a London theatre and a Gaza theatre.

Running theatre like a start up works.

Interview with NYC-based Israeli playwright Stav Palti-Negev

What can artists do when faced with the insanity of the American political process?

The Godfather of Zimbabwean theatre passes away.

When dance and sculpture combine.

Is Cantonese Opera making a comeback in Hong Kong?

Death of a Driver makes its Utah premiere.

A theatre performance that will probably never make its Utah premiere. Title is “Get On Your Knees”

Fueling American theatre with Latinx Plays (yes, please)

Eugenie Chan adapted an ancient Greek story.

A female playwright uses mixed media to honor female playwrights.

A playwright tells us about the culture of privilege

That time an Azerbaijani actress got executed. Any guesses if Stalin was behind it?

Palestinian-Irish playwright Hannah Khalil tells us it’s becoming impossible to make a living writing plays

This Malaysian play has a pretty cool title (Atomic Jaya). Great interview ith the author.

What is an alternate night?

What characters do to the writer…for fun.

Four historical sites for great Italian theatre!

And for the week in Korean oldies, we bring you a 1939 version of “Sing Sing Sing.”


Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Welcome to this week’s theatrical link dump – brought to you by contemporary Dracula posters:

From here.
Casper, Wyoming
Paris, Texas, last year
Somehwere in the UK


When you direct/adapt Much Ado About Nothing for kids.

A day in the life of The Old Rep’s general manager.

You know you’re a playwright if…

When playwright anxiety hits.

When post-graduation depression hits.

Top 10 holiday plays for teachers

Which Halloween play are you?

A really goofy Halloween play from 1915 (yes, it’s cheating)

Shakespeare in South African schools.

“Postmigrant” theatre and a German director promoting ties between German and Scottish theatre.

A history of Palestinian theatre

Theatre in Pittsburgh

A primer on African American playwrights

The passing of Jaz Dorsey.

Creating immersive theatre in Seoul from a foreign perspective

This is what an acting resume looks like, kids.

Discovering young Israeli theatre

The theatre that became a bookshop

Theatre for development

18th Century Italian theatre overview

A chronic playwright interviewer gets interviewed

Audrey Cefaly creating a new playwriting vocabulary

When you were a theatre’s artistic director, but don’t put it on your resume…

Reviewer gets really, really excited over Joseph and his dreamcoat…

The mother of modern German comedy (That is the joke)

Ibsen’s women: Adapting Henrik in the 2010s.

Lithuanian actress Uné Baye

Cheap London theatre tickets

Help Ms. Manuel’s high school class go to Scotland next year 

Tips for dealing with scheduling conflicts as a young actor

Dealing with theatre divas.

And now this week’s Halloween-themed oldie:



Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Today’s list of wondrous theatre links is brought to you by old Grand Guignol posters.

Once Upon a Time in 1920.
From 1929.
It’s 1928, let’s relive WWI!

What happens when you say this about theatre bloggers: “This is a massive generalisation, but a lot of people are not ‘proper writers’. They do not have the intellectual background or historical background or time to know what they are writing about.

A pretty good argument that theatre needs to de-elitize itself.

Trying to start a theatre company in Tokyo is harder than it seems.

How to survive a bad review

Set Design for Sweeney Todd: A How-to Guide.

What is a minor dramatist? (raises hand)

Did Kit Marlowe fake his death? (umm…no, but there’s still a blog post on it)

An ode to stage managers.

How not to piss off the prop team.

Translating Israel’s most important playwright.

A Barbadian play.

When your play is too short.

When water soaks through your notebook

Grants awarded to musical theatre programs hit by natural disasters

When a Facebook post spirals into hate speech and forces a good playwright to resign

University of Texas at Austin has a theatre blog.

How to flesh out a stock character as an actor

What inspires playwright Araceli Ferrara?

The production blog of an English-speaking theatre in Helsinki.

A sci-fi play is a hit??? OMG.

A history of Hemlet in Korean translation.

One’s first French play.

Does Britain have a problem with European theatre? [Of course they do!]

Glaswegian theatre.

Seems Australian community theatres also love Neil Simon.

Time to meet playwrights Beaumont, Fletcher and Ford.

A play about six-on-six basketball.

A Finnish dude whose one-man show is all about historical executions

Pretty much the most meta play I’ve heard about all week.

Even theatre directors get executed.

Since we’re coming up on Halloween soon, here’s a ghastly oldie:

Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump


Today’s list is brought to you by posters for a Mexican production of Lope de Vega’s Fuenteovejuna. [You can find Laurencia’s monologue here, BTW]


Nice pistol. Production is here.

MacBeth came to Ghana

MacBeth came to Harlem, too.

Verdi did his own MacBeth, so MacBeth came to Florence, too.

MacBeth came to Korea…as pansori.

MacBeth…in Indianapolis.

MacBeth joins the SAS.

Playwright AND translator

The author of Kung Fu Zombies vs Shaman Warrior

Vulnerability and trust and the playwright

Schiller’s Maria Stuart meets the Red Army Faction through playwright Elfriede Jelinek

The dirty, dirty lies of playwriting.

A high school theatre blog from Illinois. Looks like we missed the Rent call backs.

Why going to the theatre alone kicks arse.

Kolkata’s theatre museum

How to cast for high school theatre.

Ancient Greek theatre, aligned with the stars

The Witch of Edmonton gets revised, revived and eviscerated by a critic.

Playwright and screenwriter Paul Kampf shares a bit on transitioning from stage to film

The very first plays.

How to modernize a scene for school

Vietnamese water puppets are pretty badass.

Modern Yemeni theatre

A Streetcar Named Desire…in Toronto.

When the theatre life becomes too much (I can relate)

First time I ever heard of Inspiration Porn. Apparently, it’s a problem.

Looking back to move forward in theatre.

Do HS theatre competitions hurt theatre? Yeah, probably.

A middle school’s Lion King adventure.

A UK book launch for an anthology of Indonesian plays. Yay yay yay!

What do you know about the Kenya National Theatre?

Don’t forget we have Unknown Playwrights, Theatre Horror Stories and Monologue Mondays!

And now this week’s Indonesian oldie – The Singers’ cover of Land of 1,000 Dances. (You can find the original Chris Kenner version here).






Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump


This week’s link dump is brought to you by really old Utah theatre programs:

From 1866: They renamed the town when they realized “Great” was a misnomer. And that Osceola… Seems they have whites playing whites and the Native Americans are played by…oh never mind.
So this was a real play.

Salt_Lake_Theatre_Programs-2 (dragged)

Salt_Lake_Theatre_Programs-2 (dragged) 2
With AND without cold cream!!! More about the play here.


Theatre in Mozambique

Help an awesome playwright by taking a survey on stress

Or a survey on being “the other”

How to dance on your toes: A step-by-step guide 

Polish-Irish Fusion Theatre!

Great Salt Lake Fringe’s award winners

A play about conjoined twins who share a whaaa????

When critics have a vendetta

An introduction to Wayang Kulit (Indonesian shadow puppets)

Brazilian theatre artists leading the resistance from New York City.

Opera houses of Brazil.

When a reviewer in Utah burned the living f*ck out of my plays.

Come chill out at Kampala. Uganda’s International Theatre Festival

Boxer AND playwright. I wonder if she ever escaped from NYC.

When your stage kiss in Romeo and Juliet is your first kiss. Ever.

The Tin Drum as puppet theatre, but OMG this puppet is so freakyyyy.

All the hottest theatre Budapest had to offer…last month.

That underappreciated thing of theatrical beauty known as Grand Guignol.

Harvard writes a blog about Grand Guignol.

Not another Grand Guignol blog post.

When someone who hates Molière adapts Molière.

What do China, Liberia and America have in common?

Fufu and Her Friends hit LA.

Quentin Tarantino, Broadway ingénue

Julia Roberts, Broadway star

A Nigerian-American playwright seeing success.

Eartha Kitt and Marilyn Monroe hanging out together.

Icelandic theatre.

The Ten Minute Play (with a Nice Picture of Jimmy Carter)

Dancing Together vs. Dancing at the Same Time

Thanks for checking out this week’s links. Don’t forget we do feature Unknown Playwrights, monologues and (gasp!) Theatre Horror Stories.

And now with another Korean oldie, here’s a modern cover of a song from 1941. 대지의 항구 (Port in Great Land [or something like that]).. By Ju Hyeon-mi (주현미)