Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Unknown Playwrights! Here is this week’s link dump, brought to you by posters for Thomas Middleton’s The Revenger’s Tragedy.

McGill University, Canada 2012. Cute skull.
Rhode Island, USA. 2016. Half-skull.
Waterloo, Canada, 1987. Still got that skull.
UK, 1969. Skeletons with goofy hats.
Limerick, Ireland. 2009. No skull, just someone who forgot to shave.
Massachusetts, USA. 2019. Skull becomes clown…
The Revengers Tragedy Oct 2015 Final Poster-218x308
York, UK. 2015. How did I miss this? 
When the paperback cover is cooler than the poster. Pulled this off a Korean blog.

Ben Vereen allgeedly sexually abuses cast members, gets theatre award.

Broadway vs. Coronavirus

Respect the sound design

Macbeth gets gender-bent

Make a popular play. Make sure nobody can actually see it. Hold a lottery for the sheeple who still want to see it.

Playwright reminisces about when his play was at the Akron library

About a Ghoul looks fun

There’s a play called Corpse!

Of Mice and Men reset in the Philippines.

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

The Book of Mormon back on tour

Solving the queer problem play

Pandemic prices on Broadway

Does the National Theatre Institute actually help anyone?

Tickets to this pervy show cost more than my rent.

Three Off-Broadway plays dealing with death

Playwright Helen Banner gets interviewed

Playwright Emily Bohannon gets interviewed

Decolonizing theatre practice

The journey of an artistic director

Namibian theatre blogger and playwright Donald Matthys interviewed

Somehow Chinese dance troupe Sen Yun is connected to Trump. So bizarre.

Theatre in the schools, in Benin.

Raising gender awareness through theatre,in Benin.

A one-man show in English,in Berlin.

Oregon Shakespeare gets their very own Intimacy Director

Stage Blood: A How-to Guide

Time to study Middleton’s The Changeling

The Duchess of Malfi is always fun.

All about the revenge tragedy

The beginnings of revenge tragedy

Even more Duchess of Malfi

Thanks for reading and now we leave you with a really cute GIF of Mocha and Milk. Now if they starred in their own revenge tragedy:

Pictured: Mocha & Milk’s Tragedy of Vengeance
Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Howdy everyone and welcome back to the jolly old link dump! This week’s post is brought to you by Polish posters for Molière’s The Imaginary Invalid.

2002 dong-centric poster
2013 Gdańsk. Less dong, more bone.
Digging that steampunk influence. 2018.
From 2017. This reminds me of a country song.
Orange is the New Molière in 2018

CHORY z urojenia

For some reason,I love this one. 2018.
AKA apothecary-head…2017


What play would you choose to have revived?

Is this comedy or horror? It has clowns.

A play about Canadian badass Viola Desmond in all her badassedness. And check out those white masks! So scary!

Did you ever wonder what a 26 hour improv marathon would be like? Does the troupe name The Kinkonauts excite you? All life’s answers are here.

When the review starts “There’s about half of a very good play here,” one cannot look away.

West Side Story? Nah, Worst Side Story. Bwahahah.

This dude loved West Side Story (when the understudies took over).

Someone turned Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice into a musical? WTF? Why????

This Sherlock Holmes play is tearing up the Midwest like so many tornadoes.

Outsider writes plays about outsiders.

The world needs more playwrights writing about Pharoah Hatshepsut, please.

Should performers brag about donning yellowface? (Umm, no.)

Audition survival guide

Career advice for female stagehands

Revenge Song looks really, really fun.

A play about revlutionary South African poet Chris Van Wyk

Three Houston theatres got together and made a baby.

A play full of dead moose heads is the worst ever on Broadway? No way!

Grassboots Theatre company sounds appropriately goofy

A(n all-female) Doll’s House

When to say yes and no to an acting job

Avoiding the dreaded accent failure

You can see the chair Molière sat in onstage before he died.

Molière: plots, jealousy, dénouement

When someone who pretends to be a 9/11 survivor has a monologue written about her

Racine, the other famous French playwright

Corneille, the French playwright not quite as famous.

Gabonese puppets

Haunted burlesque house? YASSS!!!

Namibian playwright Frederick Philander writes about corruption. Woohoo!

Alas, poor Yorick, for his skull got put on a skateboard at BYU

And now, a fun little ditty from 1991 – Paris France – when are we going to have The Imaginary Invalid Meets the Lords of Acid?


Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Howdy all and welcome back to Unknown Playwrights. This week’s link dump is brought to you by poster’s of Lorrainne Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun.

Washington, DC 1961
In Chicago, as you read this.
Baltimore auditions 2018
Delhi 2018
Asher Theatre 2017
Montreal 1979
Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 3.17.12 PM
Montreal 2010
Brooklyn 2019

Dracula meets #MeToo

Community theatre and segregation

Can we just not have West Side Story any more?

Prejudice against regional actors

Directors and style

More theatre reminisces from playwright David Hansen

And more.

Have you ever wanted to read about Kit Marlowe in Indonesian?

Angry playwrights helped atheism become popular

Are lesbians the black sheep of Broadway?

All about drama therapy

When revenge tragedy meets high school ritual

London’s 6 biggest historical theatre scandals. One involves forcing kids to be actors

Who was your teacher that pushed you in the arts?

Was an actor the inspiration for Dracula?

Some hot, hot García Lorca in translation

Marat/Sade goes meta and Indonesian

Miss Marple in Goa. I feel so sorry for Goa.

The Importance of Being Earnest (performed by immigrants)

Turns out UK theatre is super mega racist too.

VR theatre sounds fun

Serious vs. fun Molière

That actor who does one-man-shows of Molière’s works

That actress who recreates her life in a one-woman show

She also does a sci fi solo show about rape

The Bearded Lady speaks

The world’s most unusual theatres

When live theater goes bad

The OCD play

Woke Supremacy

The Future of Roma Theatre

An ode to ambiguity

And to end this week’s post, here is Kendra Smith covering Mimi & Richard Fariña’s Bold Marauder.


Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Howdy one and all. Welcome back to Unknown Playwrights. This week’s link dump is brought to you by Korean adaptations of Euripides’ The Trojan Women.


Yongin University, 2013
Not sure if the English title is an unfortunate typo or what. Neat outdoor theatre, though.

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 8.23.37 PMScreen Shot 2020-02-11 at 8.23.28 PMScreen Shot 2020-02-11 at 8.23.21 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 8.23.11 PM
It’s like every lead got her own poster in this fusion piece.
Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 8.28.24 PM
A collaboration between American and Korean theatre companies in ’97.


Seoul 2017
Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 8.33.08 PM
Who needs Halloween when you have something this wild?
Troy vs. the horse from graphic design class
Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 8.57.41 PM
Note that it uses 여자 instead of 여인. 2006.
Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 11.42.17 AM
Once upon a time in 2007.

There’s a book about theatre blogs. I sure hope Unknown Playwrights is in it.

All the hottest Alabama theatre news

When nobodies meet divas

It’s awards season in Dallas/Ft. Worth

Believe it or not, opinions should be backed up.

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Costume Design 

Theatre-blogging a scene is a thing

Would you watch a Broadway show featuring a Trump-supporting actor? (yes, but theatre must provide tomatoes)

Australia has a classical musical apparently.

Haruki Murakami onstage!

A theatre festival in Nigeria featuring Nigerian and American plays

The Onion takes on community theatre

A horror theatre festival in Quebec!

Scary Stories People of Colour Tell in the Dark is one play of many at this festival in Toronto.

Yale Playwrights Festival

Bryan Radha, a once-promising playwright, is barreling toward the stigma of being single and a struggling artist at the age of 40. Facing nonstop rejections from the theatre community…

Selfies have ruined the railings at Shakespeare’s house

If you’re Shakespeare, your book might sell for 4.5 million quid.

Why spend 4.5 million quid when you can read this nifty Indonesian play for free?

Amazing playwright Franky Gonzalez on this podcast.

No white reviewers.

When a pastor puts a camera in a hotel bedroom during a mission trip, it of course becomes a play.

When you award a war criminal-defending playwright a Nobel prize

A British playwright explains the differences between American and British theatre

An interview with playwright and theatre booster Jacqueline Goldfinger

Lahore’s infamous night theatres

Today’s meta post

“When I was writing the Guardian theatre blog, two very senior playwrights privately told me that they had come under pressure from theatres not to comment on or engage in conversation with blogs highlighting certain practices because theatres perceived it as disloyalty.”

International Translation Day! 

Can Molière be funny in English? (Well, if Dane Cook can…oh, never mind.)

A Dutch playwright who lived almost forever…well, into his nineties.

A History of Surinamese Literature includes some play references

The 10 most spectacular Hungarian theatres

Rediscovering the recent past in Romanian theatre

And finally, here’s some Korean moog funk…Enjoy!




Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump

Hello everyone and welcome back to Unknown Playwrights. This week we have another link dump brought to you by posters of Adam Szymkowicz’ play Clown Bar .

Seoul, 2018.
Indiana, PA 2015.
Birmingham, AL 2019
Pasadena, CA 2015
NYC 2013



New Orleans
Las Vegas 2018

This week’s blog will feature reviews of plays from around the world that look kinda interesting, but first some important news:

Brave theatre teacher (and DG member) refuses settlement from mega-racist NYC school and here and here, too

And now the offbeat plays:

Shit Theatre Drink Rum with Expats

Dana H looks pretty disturbing

Batmania exposes Australia for the train wreck that it is

Genit-Hell Yeah! is a real show

Bloodstained Marigolds on a Perverse Landscape sounds fun

Noir Hamlet is a thing

Alice in Glitterland sounds fun

The Dope Elf

Trump vs. Kahlo

Crystal Meth and Bear with Knife Shakespeare (hehehe)

Hamlet in China with 6 inch heels

Klingon Hamlet is a thing

“Theatre Bizarre is a magical, decadent celebration of rich darkness.”

Nanta, the ubiquitous Korean musical

Brechtian Korean adoptee theatre in Berlin (Warum nicht?)

Beatrix Potter Must Die! (in Korea)

Arguing with Toasters is a real play

I certainly hope this play lives up to its name

Pulp Fiction with puppets

Love in Pieces

Sleep No More

30 Plays in 60 minutes

White Rabbit Red Rabbit

Ancient Greek tragedy in 21st Century Japan

Silent Shakespeare

Synchronised Swimming – the dry version

Accordian fight show!

Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall is for real

This play/character is just racist trash. Can we get rid of it already?

And to wrap things up, we’ve got Donna Summer singing Age of Aquarius in German from the German version of Hair.