Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump


This week’s link dump is brought to you by really old Utah theatre programs:

From 1866: They renamed the town when they realized “Great” was a misnomer. And that Osceola… Seems they have whites playing whites and the Native Americans are played by…oh never mind.
So this was a real play.

Salt_Lake_Theatre_Programs-2 (dragged)

Salt_Lake_Theatre_Programs-2 (dragged) 2
With AND without cold cream!!! More about the play here.


Theatre in Mozambique

Help an awesome playwright by taking a survey on stress

Or a survey on being “the other”

How to dance on your toes: A step-by-step guide 

Polish-Irish Fusion Theatre!

Great Salt Lake Fringe’s award winners

A play about conjoined twins who share a whaaa????

When critics have a vendetta

An introduction to Wayang Kulit (Indonesian shadow puppets)

Brazilian theatre artists leading the resistance from New York City.

Opera houses of Brazil.

When a reviewer in Utah burned the living f*ck out of my plays.

Come chill out at Kampala. Uganda’s International Theatre Festival

Boxer AND playwright. I wonder if she ever escaped from NYC.

When your stage kiss in Romeo and Juliet is your first kiss. Ever.

The Tin Drum as puppet theatre, but OMG this puppet is so freakyyyy.

All the hottest theatre Budapest had to offer…last month.

That underappreciated thing of theatrical beauty known as Grand Guignol.

Harvard writes a blog about Grand Guignol.

Not another Grand Guignol blog post.

When someone who hates Molière adapts Molière.

What do China, Liberia and America have in common?

Fufu and Her Friends hit LA.

Quentin Tarantino, Broadway ingénue

Julia Roberts, Broadway star

A Nigerian-American playwright seeing success.

Eartha Kitt and Marilyn Monroe hanging out together.

Icelandic theatre.

The Ten Minute Play (with a Nice Picture of Jimmy Carter)

Dancing Together vs. Dancing at the Same Time

Thanks for checking out this week’s links. Don’t forget we do feature Unknown Playwrights, monologues and (gasp!) Theatre Horror Stories.

And now with another Korean oldie, here’s a modern cover of a song from 1941. 대지의 항구 (Port in Great Land [or something like that]).. By Ju Hyeon-mi (주현미)







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