Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump


Today’s list is brought to you by posters for a Mexican production of Lope de Vega’s Fuenteovejuna. [You can find Laurencia’s monologue here, BTW]


Nice pistol. Production is here.

MacBeth came to Ghana

MacBeth came to Harlem, too.

Verdi did his own MacBeth, so MacBeth came to Florence, too.

MacBeth came to Korea…as pansori.

MacBeth…in Indianapolis.

MacBeth joins the SAS.

Playwright AND translator

The author of Kung Fu Zombies vs Shaman Warrior

Vulnerability and trust and the playwright

Schiller’s Maria Stuart meets the Red Army Faction through playwright Elfriede Jelinek

The dirty, dirty lies of playwriting.

A high school theatre blog from Illinois. Looks like we missed the Rent call backs.

Why going to the theatre alone kicks arse.

Kolkata’s theatre museum

How to cast for high school theatre.

Ancient Greek theatre, aligned with the stars

The Witch of Edmonton gets revised, revived and eviscerated by a critic.

Playwright and screenwriter Paul Kampf shares a bit on transitioning from stage to film

The very first plays.

How to modernize a scene for school

Vietnamese water puppets are pretty badass.

Modern Yemeni theatre

A Streetcar Named Desire…in Toronto.

When the theatre life becomes too much (I can relate)

First time I ever heard of Inspiration Porn. Apparently, it’s a problem.

Looking back to move forward in theatre.

Do HS theatre competitions hurt theatre? Yeah, probably.

A middle school’s Lion King adventure.

A UK book launch for an anthology of Indonesian plays. Yay yay yay!

What do you know about the Kenya National Theatre?

Don’t forget we have Unknown Playwrights, Theatre Horror Stories and Monologue Mondays!

And now this week’s Indonesian oldie – The Singers’ cover of Land of 1,000 Dances. (You can find the original Chris Kenner version here).






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