Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump


Welcome back to Unknown Playwrights! We’ve had a couple of weeks off while the owner of this blog runs for Dramatists Guild Council.

Now we’re back with some thrilling posters of John Webster‘s classic play The Duchess of Malfi.

Polish poster.
Boston 2015
UK 1996
Fan art based on a production. Pretty cool artist.
UK 2017
When Helen Mirren was the Duchess in ’81. I miss Bob Hoskins.
When your Halloween show is The Duchess of Malfi. And you’re in Utah.
Spanish production. Like the nails in the apple.

Procrastination and the theatre

Procrastination and hair

Editing and the playwright

The music hall tradition of Merry Old England

Why does red lipstick haunt this theatre maker?

Cue that plot!

Figuring out the whodunit…

Appreciating playwright Sarah Ruhl

One of my favorite playwrights has a new play

The best audition songs for My Fair Lady

In Norway, you can pre-order booze at the theatre, apparently

Traditional Vietnamese theatre

The Royal Ballet Theatre of Laos

Process vs. Product in Art Education

Puppeteer Roman Paska

The art of contemporary puppetry

Developments in Estonian theatre

Playwright Sam Byron from 2015

Nathan Alan Davis interviewed from 2015

Feminist Theatre

Chilean theatre after Pinochet (from 2004)

Chilean theatre’s New Wave

Analysis of The Duchess of Malfi

A play in the Alsatian dialect!

Gotta love a play called Hadestown

The vulnerability of process as performance

Hindi theatre in Australia

Shakespeare and the Hindi Theatre

Translating desire

Translating Shakespeare 

How Shakespeare was turned into a German

The most bizarre musical adaptations

And now a reggae cover of Sweet Caroline:





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