Posters/Wednesday Link Dump

Wednesday Link Dump


This week’s Link Dump is brought to you by Korean posters of Waiting for Godot.

From here.
From here.
From here.
From here.
Newspaper ad 1969.
Yet another.

The most thorough review of a play called Handjob you’ll ever read.

Apparently being a triple threat isn’t enough. I needn’t worry as I’m a – 5 threat.

Intimacy direction is a thing.  A thing we just covered, by the way.

Do you need a female director? Look no further.

Non-profit board meeting bingo.

A high school in Utah has their own theatre blog. Start young, folks!

Mickey Mouse theatre in China

Do you want to produce comedy theatre in Philadelphia?

Playwright Sophie Bawr wouldn’t let the Reign of Terror stop her from getting married.

One of my favorite playwrights gets interviewed (a while ago).

Learn about when the traditional (and awesome) Korean art of pansori meets Christianity.

The life and death of Japanese theatre artist Noriyuki Kiguchi.

Japanese theatre awards in 2009

One-act playwriting competition. Hot damn! 550 bucks!

The decline and fall of play submission opportunities.

A reviewer who keeps watching a play she doesn’t like.

The history of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Mamet being Mamet

The road to becoming an intimacy choreographer.

Everything one needs to know about the 2019 Namibian Theatre & Film Awards.

Song Night in Windhoek

Do you need to make that quick costume change?

When student meets community theatre.

Indonesian theatre gets redefined.

When Utah puts on racist turdgoblin theatre

And plays that make fun of Mormons are also racist.

American theatre hasn’t been doing dick to solve its racism problem either.

When theatre blogs go bad.

When German theatre goes goofy.

German theatre is special.

And this week’s adventures in Korean oldies brings us to Jeong Ai Ri/정애리’s 문을 열어 주세요 (Open the Door) from 1980.

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